Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hexie Sewing Kit

This packet of 2.5 inch squares were a gift from the Fat Quarter Shop,  after I had signed up for the 2012 Mystery BOM.
I knew what I planned to do with them, when they arrived way back in July 2012.
I planned to use Amy's tutorial to make the travel sewing kit.
Perfect size for 1 inch hexies
EPP hexies sewn together

A spot of bother occurred whilst taking the paper pieces out, count to 10 -- and go slooowly.  I must have been very keen with the glue pen, waay back when!
Some came away easily, others required brute force!

Hmm - no reusing this paper hexie!
Next step was to trim the excess from the hexies.
I used some jelly rolls strips for the binding; both the outer binding, as well as the interior binding -  on the pocket pieces, and the scissor holder.  
Again, I needed to go sloowly - sewing the jelly roll strip as the outer binding.                                    
As with the previous travel sewing kit, I found the binding cut the WOF - really only just met at the seams.  I could breathe out and concentrate, once the binding was sewn on.                                Another jelly roll strip of the same print was used as the tie closure.                                 
Chain piecing the binding on the pockets and scissor holder
Notions added
wavy zig zag stitch for the quilting,
Two complete.   
  The hexie patchwork sewing kit is 1 inch higher, I wished to utilise the
maximum amount of the hexies that I was able to.

This will be for me to keep and use.

Chatting to a work colleague through the week, she reminded me she has a significant "0" birthday soon,
another trio of gifts will be on the list to be made and gifted, hopefully she will  enjoy and use well.


  1. Anyone would love to get a gift like this - they are super!

    1. thanks, we all love to receive sewing trinkets and gifts

  2. You always use such bright and happy it!! I don't understand any of the sewing jargon but I can appreciate the work and end results:-) beautiful work as always!!

  3. Cute! I've not yet braved hexies

  4. I love this one, might make myself one with hexies, as they look so cute.

    1. the hexies are therapeutic hand work, too many gorgeous fabrics to choose from

  5. Ooo, I love this! You did a great job on the Hexies!

  6. They are both fantastic!!!