Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We Interrupt This Transmission

I had time on my hands, loitering, hovering and ministering to Miss 5BN whilst she lay on the couch with her tummy upset and thought I would make this travel sewing kit. I rummaged in the stash, and utilised these fabrics.

Fabric selection

I quilted using a wide zig zag stitch, randomly spacing the lines
quilting lines just visible - I used a variegated thread
Miss 5BN was not improving, several phone calls to the appropriate personnel - and I decided that Miss 5BN needed to be attended to by the experts in our local regional hospital.

just about to go to theatre

wired and connected

The offending appendix was duly removed, two nights in hospital, and now home to recuperate in peace and quiet.
I did take some handwork with me - but found very little free time to do any sewing, lots of chatting to the wonderful staff though! - and watching of tennis.
I stayed in with Miss 5BN, whilst Mr 5BN held the fort at home, we did a swap for one afternoon - whilst I ducked home for a little while.
All in all, it proved to be a streamlined trouble free process, Miss 5BN was given a small gift/voucher from the staff for being the best patient on the ward! --I think this means she did not  press the buzzer -- my oh my-- some patients must think they are are answering questions on a t.v. game show! - for how repeatedly they press that nurse call bell.

Notions added

Mr 5BN had a birthday - whilst we were in hospital, a quick orange cake, made upon discharge,
giving of his gifts, - all a day late - but not forgotten.
Completed sewing kit
This was fun and quick to make - even with a break in the process. i can see myself making this again with a pincushion, and thread catcher as matching coordinated gift.


  1. I hope Miss 5 BN recovers soon, I had mine removed when I was 13 and I haven't missed it! The sewing case is a great tutorial, having made it in a swap I think I need to make myself one!

    1. Thanks, Miss 5BN is on the mend
      I love your sewing kit in your swap, also the extras that you put with it -- well done