Friday, March 23, 2012

Farmers Market Again

The boys have been shovelling Sheep Poo -- or  Ewe Doo!
as one witty local calls it! ThanksAmber!  Those keen gardeners in the local community are happy to purchase -- saves their back from bending under the grating in the shearing shed shovelling poo, and our lot are happy with repeat customers!  Who knew! - but You Do!  ( apologies to Suess!)
All keen at their first market 2011  Child labour in force,
and for the keen eyed amongst you  --  colour coded!!

After extensive market research and a customer satisfaction survey occured around the dinner table, our lot decided to expand their operation.  They decided to bag up smaller quantities of wheat  - 6kg - to be precise, to suit those people who had only a few chooks in the back yard.  This has proven to be a winner  -- literally the bags of wheat are walking off their stall - or in fact - old fashioned customer service is still in existence - and it is carried to the car for the happy recipient.  Well done children! 
Wheat bagged and weighed - 6kg!

Yet again, more market research revealed a niche market for heat packs. Good thinking children - but who was to make these!!
Enlist the youngest 5BN learning to comandeer / sew on the trusty Janome. How better to learn, then by sewing metres or kilometres of straight stitching.!
Materials at the ready for the heat packs.
The lavender was purchased at the recent local Field Days.
We have been adding lemon myrtle recently to other heat packs for a fresh scent. Not all the customers like the sweetness of lavender to mask the smell of the wheat.

Miss 5BN and the heat packs ready to be filled.
The next Farmers Market will be on Easter Sunday, April 8th.

Whilst in town, make sure to visit the 97 yo renovated Catholic Church.
Grand Opening will be between 10am - 1.30 pm on Easter Sunday.

Sally has spent the past 12 months renovating it into self contained accomodation  -- using all our local tradies.  Well done Sally!!

I can't wait to see the changes, all our children have been baptised in this church, our older 5BN made his Communion/Confirmation here as well. I remember going to the Church extremely early the third Sunday in July 2003 to turn the heaters on-- trying to put some heat in the building before Miss 5BN was to be baptised later that morning.  Apologies for increasing the heating bill that quarter!


  1. They've been very busy!! Hope the market goes well for them, I'd better get into gear and book a site too!!

  2. Thanks, looking forward to seeing you at the Easter Market!

  3. Thanks Nicole. I wish I could match your prolific sewing!