Friday, March 30, 2012

Quiet Shopping

Recently I had to go to Melbourne for some study with my work, and;  as you do - when you have the opportunity -- do a little retail therapy after the Study Day. I needed some DMC threads for a current smocking project, and stumbled across this wonderland.
Gorgeous Shop in North Essendon Precint
 This treasure trove of threads, wools, cottons and tapestries was wonderful. A lovely bright airy shop.
Colours and threads galore
 Kaye was busily knitting behind the counter, quietly allowing me to browse, offering her help and support if needed. A customer came in, I listened to the exchange in conversation - excellent knowledge of the products were explained and shared with the customer, great customer service.
Cottage Garden threads in Perle 8 and perle 12
 Kaye  explained they offer many classes of knitting, crochet and a variety of embroidery techniques  for those interested.
A mixture of wool and linen threads on this stand.

An array of knitting wools
 I had a browse in the other shops in this little village atmosphere, shoe shops, children's clothing, specialty food and liquor shops, lovely cafes.  Each shop I went into was peaceful, staff engaged in conversation  - where is this leading to??  I could hear myself think!
Enticing sandwich board
Next, I went to the DFO further up the road.   I did venture into the above shop, did a little retail therapy, but the males in the household can try and buy their boots when we go to the footy in the next few weeks.  Staff were again wonderful, knowledgable and I could have a conversation without the need to talk loudly.

I quickly did the rounds of the shops at the DFO.  Unbelievable-- the music is SO LOUD in some of
of those shops.  I refuse to raise my voice to talk to staff over the background music -- so no retail purchases made in some of these businesses.  Again - that is if the staff have the manners to make eye contact with the customer and offer assistance to begin with.
I remember shopping years ago in Melbourne with a baby in the pram asleep  -- only to go into a shop--and have the baby woken by the loud background music!  Very frustrating indeed.

What a difference the experience is to shop locally in our rural town, or a village atmosphere and be able to engage in conversation with the staff,  or have the contrast with the large shopping centres with noise everywhere  -- not offering the oportunity for a conversation.

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