Friday, March 2, 2012

Pint Size Pinwheels

Yes there is a piece of tape on the cutting mat!

Always read the Instructions!!  Guaranteed there will be a sure fire tip right at the end, or on the last page! Yes the piece of tape is there to indicate the 1/2 inch line to cut the fabric on the angle.  2 1/2inch squares being cut on the angle.

Stack of Pinwheels

The smallest 5BN can fill these with stuffing on the weekend, they will be made into some pincushions - or lavender sachets and put into the present cupboard.

Fabrics above are a mixture of Liberty of London - Wiltshire - Berries
Also some Neptune and Santorini teamed with  navy pinwale cord and a little denim.
I have been hunting in the scraps/stash, any 2 1/2 inch strips - from jelly rolls are perfect to use for these little pinwheels.

Pattern is an adaptation of Pint Sized from the Thimbleblossoms range.

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