Sunday, March 25, 2012

Noise Reduction

Door Stops

The AFL Football Season has started, which means the television will be on frequently, not only watching the game, but all the commentaries that seem to be on T.V. every evening.- that Mr 5BN views fervently.  The first game was last night, Miss 5BN was calling from her room  "Too Loud!!!   Turn the T.V. down"
This morning while the 3 male 5BN's were packing up after yesterday's 120th annual Agricultural and Pastoral Show, Miss 5BN and I made some doorstops. She doesn't want her door fully closed, but one of these placed between the door and the door jamb will reduce the noise level  - for the duration of the Footy Season!

I used this clear and concise tutorial to quickly make these two. Of course the doorstop with some Amy Butler fabrics was deemed girly enough to use. I didn't back the Amy Butler with an iron on stabilizer  -- but would do so if gifting it.   The other was made of remnant upholstery fabrics - gorgeous weight.  I pushed some wool wadding into the top triangle, before filling with wheat, alternatively --  suggestions were to use a  crushed gravel to fill the doorstops -- should there be vermin in the vicinity who may find the doorstop a tasty treat.

The LOVE monogrammed ribbon, used on the Amy Butler doorstop  --  I purchased from a beautiful stall  at a Melbourne Market in recent years.  Very little of this precious ribbon left.

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