Friday, September 20, 2013

Eggsellent outcome

The older 5BN child has an industrious business selling chook eggs locally.
He was very surprised to weigh this egg at 102 grams, most eggs are sold at the 55 - 65 gram weight.  It must have been a relief to the chook to have this egg finally out. There must have been much clucking after this effort.

He has his chook book - whereby he documents all purchases, sales and other unnatural demises of the chooks ( ie the sheep dog is the culprit).
Several locals laugh and say his phone number is programmed into their phone as the Egg Man, or the Chook Man, any extras / eggtras, I take to my work place, and they sell quickly.
Chook Zippered Hold All / Pouch / Purse

This zip pouch holds very important information!!
Receipt from an eggscellent customer
Money is often left under the door mat or a pot plant for him to collect!
Each Sunday evening, the eggs are washed, and packaged by hand --accordingly to size and colour before being delivered locally, or the eggstras are handed to me to take to work to sell to fellow staff members.

With his Egg money, he has researched and bought a solar panel controlled "Chook  Door".  This door opens and closes at set and pre programmed times to allow the chooks to be free range and forage about the paddock.
He is making eggcellent savings with his egg money. We have been eating many eggs as well in our household of recent weeks.

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