Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Warm and Cosy Winter Smocked Dress

Pretty in Pink
 Another baby to sew for, this little girl will need to stay warm in the coming winter months.

 I found that dressing Miss 5BN in her featherwale cord dresses, I was ensured she stayed so much warmer than if I had her in pants and jumpers.
The lined bodice of the dress added another layer, the warm stockings pulled up to Harry High Pants height --added another warming layer as well.  No bare midriff or mutton top was ever visible in the midst of winter on little Miss 5BN.
 Button through singlets/ onesies were wonderful --until the toilet training began, and then singlets made an appearance on our children.

 The tucked hem added weight to the dress itself, and together with gravity - ensured the hem stayed in a southerly direction --not blown up about the ears!
Self covered buttons add detail to this smocked dress.

Below are some photos of Miss 5BN in her warm winter dresses; or some of her well worn warm winter dresses!

Miss 5BN in a warm winter twill smocked dress, posing aptly for her kinder photos.  A lefty way back when!  That lefty preference was quite evident at her 1st birthday!

 Little Bo Peep,  Issue 74, Australian Smocking & Embroidery; Page  42
Below is a smocked dress  I have made countless times

AS&E  Issue 54, P 46  Madeline
the collar, cuffs and piping were made from a  Liberty of London Berries fabric

Madeline  below in a summer soft chambray blue just gorgeous. This blue suited our russet haired Miss 5BN so well, this has been sewn often for the princess in our house!

A variation of  Sunday Best; AS&E   Issue  53,  page 6

Another smocked dress that Miss 5BN wore often, made from a very warm heavy flannel fabric.
No bare midriffs for Miss 5BN in this household!

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