Monday, September 9, 2013

Embacing all that is Aqua

Miss 5BN celebrated a birthday in recent months, she had been hoping, requesting and desiring to have the ears pierced --oh for at least the last 12 months. This was agreed upon, - BUT the request being --Aqua earrings to be used for the initial ear piercing. 
 This required a change of venue at the 11th hour, as the initial salon I had booked - did not have a large choice of earrings. My decision was cemented, when the staff member commented--"Oh we do not pierce many ears at all".  Time for me to look elsewhere. All went well, no tears, and the piercings were performed by two super fast staff who do this on a regular basis.

triple layered birthday cake

delicious, but heavy handed with the Aqua colouring!

Nail polish + skinny jeans
Aqua jelly slice
 The aqua jelly slice was a hit at home with the birthday girl, in fact I have taken it to different work Morning Tea's since, with the aqua jelly --whoosh it disappears quickly.  I must have some aqua loving work colleagues!  - it makes a fresh change from red jelly, I seem to use often.

Aqua and red stitched scarf
The above stitching will be made into Aneela's Wash Day Zip Pouch, featured below in a display with Aneela at a recent Quilt Market.

Just prior to the birthday, we headed north for a winter sojourn .It was lovely to warm the bones - we all had a wonderful time.
More aqua colours and opportunities were presented to us.
Clear blue sky and fluffy clouds

Aqua bathers

All home, back to life and reality, the holiday a distant reminder of warmth, water and the wow factor.
  All that will come our way again once Summer is here with us shortly.


  1. Replies
    1. thanks, I hope you also enjoyed your 0 birthday. Best wishes to you.

  2. glad the ear piercing went well...we get asked a lot here too about that! think we'll wait until she's a little older and next time we bump into each other, let me know where you got them done! two at once sounds like the trick;-)
    jealous of your holiday too!!

    1. Amcal was the choice for the ear piercing, very happy, huge choice. Two at once was the deal clincher --no brainer for our house!!

  3. thanks girls
    Happy special 0 birthday to you Kate, hope the festivities went well. the Miss had a 0 birthday as well
    Courtney-- Amcal was the choice,, book in and they have two staff at the ready, large choice of earrings.