Saturday, January 21, 2012

School Haircuts

Irish Dance Concert 2011

Beautiful Braid

The whole family have been to the hairdresser this week, the 3 males in the household went early in the week, and Miss 5BN & myself went another day, she was so  patient to sit for hours whilst I had the greys coloured out.  The staff at the salon gave her time to sit in the salon chair, and made a gorgeous braid on the thick hair.  We generally decide to go short for summer  -- but due to the Irish Dancing, have decided to grow it longer.  The boys threaten to cut it short all the time,-- Miss 5BN laments that other girls at school have hair to their bottoms!!  not sure when she sees the hair to the bottoms!! as school is fairly strict on the policy of hair up off the face and neck!

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