Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dinosaurs and Reverse Sewing

I decided to undertake making of Block 8 of the Swoon Quilt, it is 37c today, the children were watching Jurassic Park on T.V.

I found the background HUM / loudness of the T.V. very disconcerting and off putting.  Children screaming, adults yelling and screaming, ( all on the t.v.!)  dinosaurs roaring and making very loud gutteral noises -- no doubt as dinosaurs have done for may moons.  My heart rate was increasing by large increments continually  -- meanwhile - no complaints from the children --they were loving the PG rated movie.  Me - I was terrified - hence the repeat

Loss of concentration - reverse sewing needed here!!
Measure TWICE, cut ONCE

lots of reverse sewing  -- (unpicking)-- luckily I had cut one piece of fabric 1/2 inch wider  -- this was easier to cut down then to salvage a piece from the little remnant of the FQ to try to cut another required piece.

Hurrah, finally Block 8 completed

We decided to turn off the T.V. and sewing machine, and undertake
some other activities for the day

Raspberry Swirl Cake and Happy Face made by the youngest 5BN

Hmm  Who does he inherit all this hot air from?
Captive audience with some school mates.


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