Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Initial Book Bag

Their has been an influx of new babies in our community lately, the go-to gift for me to make, when I am short on time is the Initial Bag.
I then try to find a book with the recipient's name in the title to put in the bag, this also works as a gift when the children are invited to a friend's birthday.

Delivered today to a new little girl A with her special book, the title containing an abbreviation on her name. The other bags--M, A, & Z were made for the three young males in the extended / blended family

Miss M and Master R have also been the recent recipients of their Initial Book Bag recently as well.
My youngest had a cuddle of Miss A, her Mum was quick to book  her up for baby sitting duties for the three new babies when tennis starts back. On the way home, my daughter asked in a horrified voice "What do I do if they need a diaper change?"  Hmm --too much American television in our house!!  quickly told her to handball the smelly nappies to the dad's to change!!


  1. About time! Thought I recognized that fence the bags are hanging on

  2. Yes 2012 resolution, hope it's interesting!!