Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Summer Reading

Summer reading

I love to read, mainly easy reading "Chick Flicks "  is that the terminology? Many a night I am reading work papers and documents that aid sleep quickly.  I am loving this selection, 3 x Australian authors, and one well known Irish author.
I reread many a time; selections from favourite authors,  --- do you read once and pass the book on, or love to keep and re read.  I have passed the love of reading on to the children, all are avid readers, Santa brings a box of books each year to each children, our oldest loves his Australian history, so we listen to his passing on tidbits of knowledge to us.  Just wonderful.
Post Christmas Gift to Me - from Me!!

Not only reading of books, -- but BLOGS.  Having been a blog lurker for years, having now  recently started my own in 2012, I have always enjoyed Camille's commentaries on her gorgeous growing family, and her spectacular patterns and fabrics
I am loving looking through her first book,   I believe No. 2 is on the way!  Cannot wait.

I have many of Camille's patterns, and have actually made some of her quilts --to be shown in another post.

loving the scalloped border

favourite quilt in her book.
wonderful photography, clear instructions, easy to read pattern

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